About Us

This whole thing started one Labor Day weekend as a conversation between friends: could you have picked the top 10 grossing movies of the summer? Sure, it was easy to do it now that the summer was over, but what would your list have looked like if it had been made in late April? We quickly realized that this would make for an interesting wager in 8 months time.
And so, 8 months later… We didn’t do anything, we had kind of forgot. But that was good because it gave us more time to develop the idea. We threw in more elements of fantasy sports, including a draft and more players. We read about similar games that others had made and crafted our own version. In 2012, we held our inaugural season.

The game has been held every summer since and it is constantly growing and evolving. We get more and more players each year, increasing both the competition and prize money. We also tweak and adjust the game just slightly every year, based on feedback from players and what we think would make the game more fun. First and foremost, this game is for the players and lovers of stupid games everywhere.