The Draft:
Depending on how many people are playing, we will have several conferences made up of 6 to 8 players each. Every player will enter the draft with 100 points. There are usually between 45 and 50 wide release movies every summer, but the exact number will change as we get closer to the start (typically, first weekend in May).
The movies will be put up for auction in random order. Each conferences will have a different draft order, due to the randomness. You will only be bidding against the other members of YOUR conference. A record will be kept of everyone’s points and movies, but it is recommended that the individual player keeps track as well (in other words, take your own notes!). Your conference’s auction will end when you go through all the movies or everyone is out of points.
Each week on Monday or Tuesday, the current Box Office totals will be sent out to everyone. As your movies come out, they will make money for your “studio” as long as they are in theaters. On the Tuesday after Labor Day, the player with the highest DOMESTIC Box Office total from each conference will be declared Conference Champion.

The Weekly Picks:
For every weekend, from May through Labor Day, each player is to pick what movie they think will be declared #1. In other words, pick which movie will have the biggest box office over all the other movies for each week. It does not have to be any of your movies that you bought in the auction, it can be any of the movies out. A sheet will be provided for you to fill out your picks for all the weekends. You get a point for each correct guess. Whoever has the most points when the season concludes, wins! All picks must be turned in before the first movie releases.

The League Championship:
The last part of the game is to decide who is the League Champion of the SMFL season. Whoever among the Conference Champs has the better score in the Weekly Picks, will be declared League Champion! They do not have to win Weekly Winners, although they are not disqualified if they do. They just have to get a better score than the other Champions. The Weekly Winner Champ can still win, even if they are not a Draft Conference Champ.