How much does it cost to play?

The full game experience costs $25. A smaller part of the game can be played on its own for only $5. More on that later on.

How much can I win?

That depends on how many people are playing. More people, means a bigger pot. In years past, each Conference Champ won $70, the League Champ won an Extra $70 and the Weekly Picks winner won $70 as well.

I don’t know anything about any of the movies coming out, can I still play?

Yes? None of us are Hollywood insiders, we all have access to the same info as you. Just do a little research beforehand and you should be fine. Watch some trailers, check out and you should be fine. We have had people do very well who came in knowing very little, so just go with your gut!

How do I know which movies will be up for auction?

I will provide the list ahead of time, but otherwise just got to and check out the release schedule. It will be every Wide Release movie from the first weekend in May through Labor Day weekend.

What about the small release movies? I’ve heard a lot of buzz about some of them, can I bid on them?

No. The small release movies make thousands compared to the millions made by the wide release movies. It would be a waste of your precious bidding points.

Do I have to see the movies I bid on?

What? No. Your $15 is not going to effect the box office total in the millions.

What happens if I win a movie but then it gets bumped from the schedule?

Nothing. Treat it like you lost a player to an injury. You do not get another movie or any compensation.

That didn’t even occur to me until I read that last question, do movies get bumped often?

Sometimes. We usually lose about 3 or 4 movies a Summer. They get moved to a later date or pulled entirely. Sometimes they were never going to come out on that date to begin with, the studio just put it there as a placeholder. Beware of this especially with the end of August! We really have no way of knowing until the Summer starts. Most of the time, it won’t be for any big movies, but it has happened. G.I. Joe got pulled because they wanted to render it into 3D to make more money and Jupiter Ascending got pulled because… well, who knows, that movie was weird.

Do I have to be there for the draft? Can I autodraft?

Yes. If you aren’t at the draft, then you can’t pick your movies. We don’t have any autodraft capabilities at this time, unfortunately.

Could I draft through Skype or something?

Unfortunately, no. The draft is probably the most fun part of the game and should really be done in person. If you can’t make it to the draft, you can still play the Weekly Picks for $5.

Can I trade movies with anyone after we draft?

I don’t see why you would want to. You don’t really know how well a movie does until after it is out. If it does poorly, I don’t think anyone would want to trade with you.


If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!