Angel has Fallen was #1. Since a lot of us picked Playmobil to win, and that movie is no longer coming out, it leaves 3 players tied with 16 points each, regardless of what movie wins next week. Everyone picked Avengers to be the highest grossing movie of the summer and we were all correct, so we go to the second tie-breaker which was how much money did it make. The person with the closest guess, making them the winner of the Weekly picks is…. me.

This is the first time, in the entire 8 years I have been running and playing this game, have I won ANY part of it.

With their tremendous leads over the others in their groups, Fahmi and Rick will be winning their conferences respectively. Congratulations. That leaves us with the last conference. The conference where I am currently leading over Jimmy by only $3M. This is coming down the to the wire, folks. Most of you probably couldn’t give a shit at this point (I dont blame you) but this is all very exciting. This last weekend will determine the overall League Champion of the 2019 season and it has rarely come down to this.

Stay tuned for the final results and details about our closing ceremonies, of which I’m still looking for suggestions as to locations and times.

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