Well, friends, we find ourselves at the end of the 2018 SMFL season. Unlike some past years, this one did not come down to the wire, but it was still a fun ride. The results are as follows (Conference prizes varied by conference size):

Weekly Picks Winner: Ian Gervasi – $100

Earth Conference Champ: Tony Dimanno – $90

Fire Conference Champ: Cecilia Heisler – $105

Wind Conference Champ: – Ian Gervasi – $60

Water Conference Champ: Andrew Fahmi – $105

2018 SMFL Champion: Ian Gervasi – $100


Congrats, Ian, you are this year’s big winner! No one has yet to win both Weekly Picks and the League Champ before, until now. If it had come down to it, you also would have won the tie-breaker for the weekly picks because you guessed Avengers and came within $13M of the actual BO total. So basically, Ian is a witch and we should all burn him alive.

But seriously, Congrats to all the winners and Thank you to all of you for playing my dumb little game. As always, I had a lot of fun playing along and tracking everything. I was happy we were finally able to have a mid-season meet-up, for the handful of us that actually showed up. I hope you will all be back to play again next year, and you will bring your spouses, friends and co-workers as well! If you have any feedback on how the game is played, how the website is laid out, whatever, please, please let me know. You wont hurt my feelings, I have none.

Finally, I’d really like as many of you to come to the closing ceremonies as possible. I get it, summer is over, people gotta work and what not, but it’d still be awesome to see all of you. I like to work it around the winners’ schedules but I’d like to throw out Thursday Sept 20 if that works for most of you. Let me know your thoughts, we have some time to work it out. I’m also open to new locations, but the Hunan people do know us at this point. They dont give us any deals or discounts, but they do know us. So we got that going for us…

With that said, thanks again to all of you for playing and expect to see an email from me come March. Enjoy your Fall, Winter and Spring!



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