In somewhat of an upset, Equalizer 2 was #1. That gives us a single leader in the Weekly Picks with Mike Dance at 13 points. He’s definitely cheating.

The good news is, the conferences have finally gotten a lot closer. For most of us, nothing has changed, but hey, at least its a little more interesting. We have one more weekend in July before we enter the Wild West that is the month of August. In past years we’ve seen the highest grossing movie of the summer come out and other summers we’ve seen August be a total turd fest. So we shall just have to wait and see.

I dont really have much else for you, I’m on travel for work and I almost forgot to do this entirely. Shut up, you forgot about it too.

OH! Thank you to everyone who came out for our Happy Hour meetup last week. Honestly, I was so surprised how many of you showed up. The few of you who didnt come, man, you sure missed out of an awesome time. I mean, when the Rock showed up and bought everyone drinks and then we all got free Nintendo Switches? That was great. Once in a lifetime evening. Thank you to everyone who came!

Enjoy the rest of you week!

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