Ant-man and the Wasp was #1 and rightfully so, it’s delightful. Here’s hoping it makes a billion dollars.

While most of you are still anxiously waiting to see if you can catch up to the Inifinty War juggernaut, we have one conference, where due to the combo of Incredibles 2 (500M) and Jurassic World 2 (336M), Thanos has been dethroned (nice work, Tony). So now instead of catching up to $800M, we have to catch up to $900M. Fuck.

Also, we now only have 4 people tied for the lead in the Weekly Picks. August gets crazy though, so hang on to your butts.

Some of you responded about next week’s Happy Hour meetup… a lot of you didn’t… it’s fine, you didnt hurt my feelings or anything. I’ve been dead inside for years. But its still very much happening, July 19th, location is still TBD and I’m still accepting suggestions. This will all be settled this week, I promise.

So let me know if you can make it! Hope to see you soon!



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