I know, I know, its late Wednesday night and I’m just now writing the Weekly Update. Well you know what?

…I got nothing. The wife and kids are away this week so I’ve been playing Xbox all night, every night. #noragerts

But Incredibles 2 was your #1 movie of the weekend! It’s also an amazing movie! I think it might be my favorite Pixar movie now. I dont even have it as one of mine, but you should all go see it!

As of now, everyone has at least one movie out. Well, everyone except Annie. She has $0. Good work, Mrs. Whitfield. But other than her, we are starting to see some significant movement outside of Thanos. This coming weekend, Jurassic World 2 is your only release and we might actually see a weekend where the top 2 movies make over $100M each. I dont think thats ever happened before. So, Yay!

So stay tuned, folks! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week! I’m going back to my Xbox…

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