Ocean’s 8 was your #1 movie of the week, but the real winner was the Washington Capitals!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!

Ok but back to this, I guess. Ocean’s 8 had the biggest opening of the franchise with a very respectable $41M. I was surprised to hear that was the biggest opening of the franchise, why did I think the other movies were so much bigger? Oh well.

Infinity War is about the cross $2B worldwide. That shit needs to calm down now.

Hereditary made a surprising $13.5M which was the biggest ever for its studio A24. Honestly, the trailer freaked me the hell out, supposedly its truly terrifying.

This week brings Incredibles 2 and Tag so hopefully we will see some more boosts in peoples totals. With Oceans beating Solo, theres now a lot less people tied for the lead in the Weekly Picks. But as always, theres still a lot more movies left to go!

Anyone else going to the parade tomorrow?

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