Its week 2 and my first weekly update of the season! For those of you new to the game, I try to give a brief summary of the scores of both the Box Office Totals and the Weekly Picks every Monday or Tuesday. I usually try to be informative and funny and sometimes I’m successful!

With no surprise, the #1 movie of the week is Avengers: Infinity War with the second biggest, second weekend ever. I’m not sure why that’s necessary to point out, but a lot of the movie blogs felt it was. Basically everyone who drafted Infinity War is now out to a huge lead but not to fret, everyone else, we have a long summer ahead of us.

So stay tuned, SMFLers! More exciting action to come later this summer. Also if you didnt submit a studio name, theres still time to be a fun person. Just send it to me and I’ll throw it up on the scoreboard.

Below you’ll find the results of where ya’ll stand on your favorite Bond.

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