Week 17 Update

It ain’t over till its over, folks! 2 of the conferences are suddenly extremely close and it will come down to this last weekend to determine the winner. That could be very interesting because this past weekend, which was won by the Hitman’s Bodyguard was The. Worst. Weekend. for movies since 9/11. So who knows whats going on next weekend…

But, that also means Michael Dance is the winner of the Weekly Picks! With 16 points, he takes home the prize. What is the prize you ask? I’ll tell you…

Weekly Picks Winner: $80

Film, Theater and Talkie Conference Champs: $60 each

Cinema Conference Champ: $72 (they had 1 more player in their conference)

League Champion (Conference Champ with the best Weekly Picks Score): $63

Not bad, right?

Remember, Closing Ceremonies are Sept 7 at Hunan starting at 6pm or whenever you can get there. I really hope a lot of you are able to come!

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