Week 15 Results

Annabelle: Creation was #1 which means there is no chance of me winning anything this season. So fuck this game and all of you, I’m never playing this stupid game again, EVER! No but seriously, I had fun and I enjoyed playing with you all very much.

Also, just because I’m walking away with nothing, doesn’t mean its over! While Michael D still leads the weekly picks, some of you still have a chance! Well like… 3 of you, but still!

As I said last week, its unlikely we will see a change in the conference leaders (sorry, fellow losers) so now we just wait and see who wins the whole thing. I will continue to send the updates all the way through, so feel free to continue not reading them!

As I mentioned the Closing Ceremonies last week, I’d like to propose Thursday September 7. Please let me know if that works or doesn’t work for you. I’d really, really like to see you guys again before next April. Stalking you on Facebook just isn’t the same. So let me know either way, feel free to suggest a different time, it’s totally flexible at this point.

Thanks, boo


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