Week 14 Results

The Dark Tower was #1 in the lowest earning weekend of the summer so far. Very disappointing for a film that was supposed to kick off a whole new franchise.

With only 4 weeks left there are only a few things to note. First, Polaroid is no longer coming out this summer, so sorry if any of you were counting on that. Second, it is unlikely we will see a change in each conference’s current leader. Its not over ’til its over, but I think its safe to assume that our winners are set. With that in mind, our Weekly Winners champ is yet to be determined, that race is still close. With Wonder Woman on the verge of crossing $400M we are probably going to go right up until the end for that to be determined.

I’m still going to keep updating you every week (even though I keep getting it out midweek) all the way until the end. I’d like you guys to start thinking of a date that works out for the closing ceremonies. For those of you not familiar, I try to get all the players together after the season to have a beer, award the winners and thank you all for playing. And almost none of you fuckers ever show up. So if there IS a date that works best for you, please let me know. It always seems that weeknights work better than weekends, and I’m fine with that. Hunan seems to work, unless anyone has a better suggestion. I’m up for whatever, guys, really. I just like getting everyone together and thanking you all one last time for playing my stupid little game.

Just think about it…


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