Week 13 Results

Dunkirk repeats as #1 and Michael got his first incorrect pick for Weekly Winners. I don’t mean to point out one player’s misstep but its significant because it keeps several of us still alive in that race. In my opinion, unless Dark Tower does really well, we probably wont see much change in the leaders of each conference right now. As someone who would benefit from that, I’d REALLY like to see Dark Tower do well.

Wonder Woman is officially the highest grossing movie of the summer and currently sits at $395M. As stated in previous updates, no one picked that. As a reminder, if the Weekly Winners goes into a tie, the winner will be decided by who got closest to $395M (or whatever it ends up on after Labor Day weekend). The Weekly Winners score also determines who is the League Champion between the 4 conference winners.

So stay tuned because nothing is over yet!


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