Week 12 Results

Sorry for the delay (again). I dont have an excuse, I was just lazy. Actually, thats not true! I saw two movies this week, Dunkirk on Monday evening and Spider-man on Tuesday evening. Ok, plus also, I was lazy. Both were very good movies but in entirely different ways.

ANYWAY… Dunkirk was #1 this past weekend. We are now seeing the Weekly Picks scoreboard become a lot more varied as our picks are a lot more all over the place. Michael D is still the man to beat, who apparently has a time machine as he has still not made one incorrect pick. You should be able to go and figure out what you need to win at this point. A lot of you have no chance. Sorry, dudes.

The conferences still are far from determined! August is kind of a big crap shoot. We saw the first Guardians of the Galaxy come in in August and it ended up being one of  the highest grossing movies of the year. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Renegades has dropped from the release schedule. That means nothing to most of you, but for me, that means 3 of the movies I drafted, did not come out. I am awesome at this game.


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