Week 8 Results

Transformers is your #1 movie of the weekend, despite a franchise lowest opening. In 2 of the conferences, the player with Wonder Woman is now in the lead and things are VERY close. In past years, the player with the big summer Marvel movie still had a strong lead at this point, but that is not the case (well, except for Danny).

Next week, we all have Despicable Me 3 to win, so we wont see any change there, but we still have 2 players with a perfect score so far. Still anyone’s game, as we get into the back half of the summer though.

Also, at the beginning of the season I had mentioned wanting to arrange a mid-season meet up. Are people around the next 2 weeks? I was thinking of hitting up a winery or something one of these weekends. You know, mix it up. Or we can just do the happy hour meetup thing, its totes whatevs. Let me know your availability (I know with July 4, people have plans and such) and lets make this happen.

If this seems weirdly worded, I apologize, I currently have 2 small children climbing on me while I write this and one of them is reading out loud everything I’m typing. Its distracting.

Anyway, let me know about that meetup!


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