Week 6 Results

Wonder Woman repeats as your #1 movie while The Mummy reboot tanks hard. Somewhere, Brendan Fraser is smirking so smugly to himself. What does this mean for Universal’s planned Dark Universe series? Who knows, but Tom still made them $142M overseas, so maybe not all is lost. For our game, however, that means nothing!

Another note I thought was interesting, It Comes at Night has been described as a new type of horror movie, more intelligent and artsy. It has an 86% on Rotten Tomatoes from Critics, but only 43% from movie goers and opened with $6M. Maybe people who go see scary movies don’t want to think or be wowed with artistry? I wouldn’t know, I didn’t see it.

A lot of you had picked The Mummy to be #1, so we are left with only 2 people who are 100%. Many of us are in second with 5 and the coming weeks are bringing much more diverse picks from all of us, so its still very much anybody’s game!

This week will bring us Cars 3 (which my family, as well as my sister’s family already have tickets to) as well as Rough Night, 47 Meters Down and All Eyez on Me.

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