Week 5 Results

Wonder Woman is your #1 movie of the week with a $100M opening! Thats the largest opening ever for a female director. I’ve also heard the movie is good. You know what movie isn’t that great? Dead Men Tell no Tales. Mildly entertaining, sure, but not great. Can Wonder Woman eventually beat out Guardians as top movie of the summer? It all depends on if it can keep its momentum. Guardians had the benefit of being the first big movie of the summer and not a lot of competition for the first month. With Guardians slowing down, and a new month of blockbusters rolling in, we will see many more totals going up over the next few weeks. Next week we get The Mummy, which Universal is trying to reboot as their own cinematic universe (just like Marvel, and DC) that they are just calling their Dark Universe. They hope they will use this universe to relaunch Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula and all of those guys. As long as the after credit scene includes Sam Jackson recruiting them into a new team he’s forming, I’m in.

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