Week 4 Results

Well, looks like Baywatch is a bomb. Its funny because I’ve been talking to people over the weekend and so many non-SMFLers are all like “phfft, of COURSE it bombed, it looks terrible.” To which I always reply, “You shut your filthy casual mouth”. I mean, honestly, I’m kind of surprised. Its the Rock, its been hyped for months… Did I think it was going to blow everyone out of the water (pun definitely intended)? No, not at all, but I am surprised it did this bad. I mean, I don’t really care, I didn’t bid on it…

Pirates was your #1 movie of the weekend and most of us picked that. 5 of us so far, have gotten every weekly pick correct. Let’s see how that goes as we wade farther into summer waters (more beach puns!).


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