Week 3 Results

Sorry for the delay people, but the totals between Alien: Covenant and Guardians were so close, I waited until the official numbers came out this afternoon to post. Alien just barely beat out Guardians by about $1.5M! That means for the Weekly Picks, some of you just pulled ahead. The reviews seem to say that Covenant is a lot better than Prometheus, but still not as great as the original entries in the series. So far, I’ve just seen Guardians and I really liked it. A lot of the reviews seem to say its not as good as the first, but I just think the surprise of a movie with the fat guy from Park and Rec, a talking raccoon and a walking tree has dissipated and now you expect to be entertained. I highly enjoyed it. Feel free to share your reviews of the movies you see this summer!

For anyone who doesn’t have Guardians, its been a little boring these past few weeks but as the next wave of blockbusters come out its about to get a lot more interesting. Pirates and Baywatch this week!


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