Registration for the 2017 Season is open!

Hello, friends!

Its March so you know what that means… What? No. Whats “March Madness”? I’m talking about Summer Movies!! Registration has opened for the 2017 Season! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell that coworker you kind of like but never really thought about hanging out in any sort of social situation, not that there is anything wrong with him, he just seems like the type of dude where you wouldnt have a lot in common and you worry that if you went out and did something together you’d run out of things to talk about and you just HATE awkward silences… Tell your spouses!
The season will officially start May 5th, so we have 2 months to get ready! By that, I pretty much mean, I have 2 months to get my shit together. Expect the same gameplay as last year, with the addition of online drafts this year. That’s right, on top of the in person drafts (which are the most fun) we are going to do some online drafts for anyone who cant make it this year or live far away. This is new for this year, so if it ends up being a miserable failure, it may be the last time we do it!
To register, use the sign up form on the main page. If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to me. Can’t wait to see you all later this spring!

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